Archived Community Activity Reports

2016 – 2017—–

2015 – 2016 —–

2014 – 2015 —–

2013 – 2014 —–

2012 – 2013——–

    Log in as before and you can access the Past Community Activity Report.  Print it save a copy for your files.  This may not be here forever.  Contact the webmaster if you need any assistance.

3 thoughts on “Archived Community Activity Reports

  1. James H. Russell, Commander Post 2368 says:

    How do I get access to the on-line reporting system. The book isn’t really clear on that.

    • look under the header and see “Tools” hover over that and a dropdown will appear choose “online program reporting” and then just log in.

  2. Chris Weber says:

    For convenience, download the Excel Spreadsheet that is available. It makes for an easier viewing and file storing.

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