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VFW Washington Weekly, October 21, 2011

In This Issue1. Advocates Called on to Protect Benefits2. Senate Passes COLA Bill3. IB Releases FY 2013 Critical Issues4. VA Committee Chair Discusses Jobs Bill with VFW5. Stop Loss Back Pay Deadline Today6. U.S.-North Korea MIA Talks Resume7. Two MIA’s Return Home8. Sport Clips to Support VFW Operation Uplink 1. Advocates Called on to Protect […]

District Ranking by Membership

1st:  District 5  85.16% 1st:  District 14  85.16% 2nd:  District 18  84.51% 3rd:  District 12  84.33% 4th:  District 6  81.14% 5th:  District 9   80.24% 6th:  Department   79.51% 7th:  District 2   79.38% 8th:  District 17  77.83% 9th:  District 7  77.04% 10th:  District 15   76.44% 11th:  District 1   76.11% 12th:  District 8   76.06% 13th:  District 3   71.86%

VSO Donations Ranked by District

          DOLLARS/MEMBER 1st: District 12 $2.99/member 2nd: District 5 $2.07/member3rd: District 15 $1.84/member4th: District 1 $1.37/member5th: District 3 $1.24/member6th: District 8 $1.18/member7th: Department $1.10/member8th: District 7 $0.97/member9th: District 9 $0.80/member10th: District 17 $0.61/member11th: District 18 $0.60/member12th: District 2 $0.51/member13th: District 14 $0.41/member14th: District 6 $0.36/member     We have a need […]

Missouri Veterans Rally

Find more photos like this on My VFW WebCOM     MAVO (Missouri Association of Veterans Organizations) called for a Rally to descend on the state capitol in Jefferson City on September 14, 2011. The VFW turned out “en masse”. Speakers spoke and veterans from across the state met with state representative and senators concerning funding […]

USDA Funds Will Aid Returning Veterans

While some veterans return home to jobs, many are returning to rural areas where jobs can be scarce. USDA’s Risk Management Agency has awarded the Center for Rural Affairs, Farmer-Veteran Coalition, Nebraska AgrAbility Project and eight additional partner organizations with funding to introduce new veteran farmers and ranchers to various areas of agriculture,. “The long-term […]

VFW Washington Weekly, October 14, 2011

In This Issue:1. Military Faces Tough Benefits Fight2. DOD Reevaluating Some MEB/PEB Determinations 3. Stop Loss Back Pay Deadline4. VA Reaches Out to Women Veterans5. Help Fight Veteran Homelessness6. Korean War MIA Identified 1. Military Faces Tough Benefits Fight: In testimony yesterday before the House Armed Services Committee, new Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey […]