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VFW Washington Weekly, September 16, 2011

National POW/MIA Recognition Day In This Issue:1. National POW/MIA Recognition Day2. Marine Receives Medal of Honor3. Deficit Reduction Committee Hosts First Hearing4. VFW to Testify on G.I. Bill Accountability5. House VA Committee Holds Vet Job Summit6. Senate Recommends Deeper Defense Cuts7. Rule Change Brings Extra Retiree Paycheck8. Korean War MIA Identified 1. National POW/MIA Recognition […]

VFW Washington Weekly, May 20, 2011

In This Issue:1. SVAC Criticizes Seamless Transition Initiative2. Support Needed for Vet Employment Bill3. Purple Heart Eligibility Revised 1. SVAC Criticizes Seamless Transition Initiative: On Wednesday, the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee criticized the VA and DOD for a new system that is supposed to help wounded troops get disability compensation more efficiently. Instead, the Integrated […]

VFW Recruiters at Work

Veterans of Foreign Wars, State of Missouri recruiters, Nancy Cowan and Bob Harmon were on hand in St Louis over the weekend to tell the VFW story to a group of Missouri National Guardsmen and women at a Yellow Ribbon ceremony.  Approximately 18 new members of the VFW were signed up.  Bob Harmon should be a […]