Chris Bell

        Chris Bell for Mo VFW Quartermaster

 I am a candidate for the high office of Quartermaster for the VFW Department of Missouri for the year 2017-2018. I am asking for your support and your vote. I have served in a variety of leadership roles in the Navy, and in the VFW, at the Post, District, Department and National levels. Served in two different Departments in the VFW. My experience clearly demonstrates the fiscal responsibility and dedicated stewardship necessary to make a difference as the Department Quartermaster in the coming year.

I have the complete support of my Family, Post and District. I have the experience, dedication and commitment to fulfill the responsibilities as Department Quartermaster and I ask for your support in my quest for this high office.

Retired from the U.S Navy after 23 years of service. Attained the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer (E-9).

My last duty assignment was with Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, Broadcast Center, in Sun valley Calif. As the Acting Director of Engineering, with a staff of over 25 Broadcast Engineers. I was directly responsible for an annual budget of over 12 Million dollars, also responsible for the maintenance of the facilities, and all Broadcasting Equipment with an estimated value of over 100 Million Dollars.


My eligibility for membership in the VFW is based on my service in. Vietnam 67- 72, Beirut, Lebanon 83-84, Panama 88-89. I am a Legacy Life Member of VFW Post 5789, Life Member of Disabled American Veterans, Member American Legion Post 21, Member MOC Pup Tent One.


National Aide-De-Camp


Member of the National Resolutions Committee


National Deputy Chief of Staff 2009-2010

Member of the National VFW Programs Committee



California State Aide-De-Camp 2001-2002

Department Sgt. at Arms 2010-2011

Department POW/MIA Chairman 2011-2012

Department Surgeon 2012-2013

Department Jr. Vice Commander 2012-2013

Department Sr. Vice Commander 2013-2014

Department Commander 2014-2015


Calif. 10th District Commander 2003-2004

(All State District Commander)

Calif. 10th District Sr. Vice Commander 2002-2003

Calif. 10th District Jr. Vice Commander 2001-2002

Missouri 5th District Sr. Vice Commander 2007-2008

Missouri 5th District Commander 2009-2010

(All State District Commander)


Calif. Post 3000 Quartermaster 2000-2002

(All State Quartermaster 2001-2002)

Missouri Post 1829 Jr. Vice Commander

Missouri Post 1829 Quartermaster

Missouri Post 1000 Quartermaster


Membership Chairman (State, District, and Post)

Voice of Democracy Chairman District and Post)

Patriot’s Pen Chairman (District and Post)

Teacher Award Chairman (District and Post)

Community Service Chairman (State, District, and Post)

Buddy Poppy Chairman (District and Post)

Blood Assistance Chairman (Post)

Civil Disaster Chairman (District and Post)

National Home Chairman (District and Post)

Political Action/PAC Chairman (Post)

Wheelchair/Golden Age Games Chairman (District and Post)


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