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29 thoughts on “Claim Your Site on My VFW Missouri Network

  1. […] Web development is always a work in progress and we need your support improving that process.  Become a contributor.  Any member can contribute to My VFW.   If you “Facebook,”  “Twitter”, “Webmaster,” “Blog,” or are interested in learning, VFW posts need contributors and administrators to update post or program sites.  Just fill out the “Launch Your Site” form if you would like to help with your post&#8217… […]

  2. […] Please bookmark this as a Favorite and visit often, and for those in position, start using your Post’s and or District’s Free Website. In Missouri, you can claim your site by starting here; […]

  3. Randy Butt says:

    Happy to have a new site.

  4. Arthur Jones says:

    Trying to get our website going.

  5. Attempting web page access

  6. paul grigsby says:

    I’ve fill this out serval time keep messing up I need help im a computer dummy help

  7. I have lost the Pages, Appearance, Plugins, Users, and Settings feature on the Dashboard for our website updating. Please help.

  8. Marvin Dotson says:

    Need to set-up the Website for VFW Post 3118.

    So need a little help

  9. Marvin Dotson says:

    Folks, anyone that is trying to fill out the “Claim Your Site Form” if you are using Firefox as your default internet browser you will not see the form.

    Internet Explore is the only other that I have tried and you can see the form.

    Just passing on a little information.

  10. Unable to claim a website for post 4240 in Monroe City, Mo. All that is displayed after I select claim your site is the following:

    This content cannot be displayed in a frame

    To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame.

  11. Robin Reinartz says:

    Trying to get LAVFW 5993 website going>

  12. Stan Steinhoff says:

    Cannot complete the online form. P)lease advise. Thank you—Stan Steinhoff–Q.M. post 4219

  13. Logged into Post website ok to post an event, but everything is gone don’t know what to do from here on.

    Sam Story

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