Deborah Halter


Deborah Halter Candidate for Chaplain
of the Department of Missouri – 2017-2018


Deborah, currently serving as the Missouri Department Chaplain, is the first Missouri State chaplain to develop a web site dedicated to training materials, providing guidance, chaplain manuals, resources and general support for VFW chaplains. This site has become a go to site nationally for VFW chaplains.

Training of chaplains has also augmented with training workshops on request. State Training of Chaplains is planned currently for the Convention in June. These classes are designed to give the district chaplains the tools they need to train their post chaplains. This will assist them in becoming aware of areas of service that they can provide to our members.


Chaplains Corner Website



Deborah is retired from the U.S. Army Reserves.  She earned eligibility in the VFW by serving in Korea in 1980-1981 and in Desert Storm in 1991.  She is a life member of VFW Post 3500 and has been a member of the VFW since 1991.
     In 2011 Deborah served as the Director of the Inter-Vets Memorial Day Service held in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, a service that has been held for the past 54 years to honor our fallen comrades.  This service brings together the VFW with the many types of veteran’s organizations in the states of Missouri and Illinois to provide a memorial service to honor veteran sacrifices.
    Deborah was the 11th District Commander 3 years and Post 6137 commander for 4 years.   She was All State Commander once in district and twice as the post commander.  She was post Chaplain for 2 years.   She has held various positions at Post and District as well as having been a National Aide De Camp.
    Deborah was also chosen to serve on the Missouri Veterans Commission from 1993–2001 where she served three Governors. There she acted as an advisor to the Governor and State Legislature for the needs and wants of the 540,000 veterans of the State of Missouri.  
    Currently Deborah is an active member in both Post 3500 and the 12th District. She is also a member of the Military Order of the Cootie.     While serving in Korea, Deborah met and married fellow comrade Roger Allison 36 years ago.  Their daughter, Renelda, is a geospatial analyst and their son, Charles, has served in the U.S. Navy as a Nuclear Power Operator.
    Deborah’s desire to assist other veterans is sincere as evidenced in her long record of service to veterans.  She has developed a website to assist post chaplains in serving comrades and intends to further training for chaplains by providing workshops. This plan will also assist to build the post team and encouraging retention in the VFW.  She looks forward to continuing service to veterans as Veterans of Foreign Wars Department Chaplain of the Department of Missouri. 


Offices served in:

State Chaplain – 3 years – 2014-Current
    Post Chaplain – 2 years – 2006-2008
    Post Commander – 4 years – 2008-2012 – Earned two All State Awards
    Post Junior Vice – 1 year – 2012-2013
    District Adjutant – 2 years 2006-2008
    District Commander – 3 years – 2008-2011 – Earned one All State Award
    National Aid de Camp – 2009-2010
    District Junior Vice – 2 years – 2012-2014
    Post Adjutant – 2012-2015