Pup Tent 1 Kansas City VA Tour & Meeting

On Thursday, August 28th, Pup Tent 1 kindly escorted Olin Parks, MO Grand Commander, through Kansas City Veterans Hospital and Annex . Ably assisting were Randy Bartholeme, Charlie Jamis, Carl Tate, Vickie Jamis, Cathy Kuhn, and Cheryl Hinkle. The hospital is undergoing major renovation so several detours were made. A big “Thank You” to our Cooties and Auxiliary for their kind attention and time.

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Fortuitously, Pup Tent 1 had their monthly meeting that evening with Seam Squirrel Carl Tate officiating…..everything was “crummy” but enjoyable bunch of veterans who have made veterans care an integral part of their life….Many thanks, Olin Parks


Photos and story submitted by Past Dept CDR and Current Cooties MO Grand CDR Olin Parks