Pup Tent 14 (Springfield, MO) Installation

    September 14, 2014 at VFW Post 3404 in Springfield, Mo saw  several members of the to be installed Pup Tent 14 in attendance to receive the 1st and 2nd degree work as the Pup Tent was officially recognized by the MO Grand of the Military Order of the Cootie.

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     In addition to the volume of paperwork that goes with this activity, and the scope of the activity, many other Pup Tents were also present to facilitate the process and welcome our new Cootie brethren into the fold. Pup Tents 1, 11, and 15 were on hand to offer the hand of friendship and guidance for this fledgling pup tent in southwest Missouri.

    Several past Grand Commanders were present: Randy Conaway, Cecil Reno, & Charlie Jamis (also MO VFW Surgeon). Additionally the new pup tent includes the Chris Johnston (MO VFW Jr-Vice Commander). Nancy Cowan (MO VFW Sr-Vice Commander) from Pup Tent 5 was on hand as MO Grand Shirt Reader.

    The ceremony was conducted by Olin Parks, MO Grand Commander (MO Judge Advocate, and Past State Commander). The post and bar was opened especially for this event and the facility was deluged with louses!!!! Seam Squirrels from Pup Tent 1 (Carl Tate) and Pup Tent 15 (Tony Mohorc) were present and active. The group also included Jim Thorp, District 14 Commander, and a Pup Tent 11 member. This new pup tent is ideally situated to work with many of our heroes in rest homes and shortly a VA hospital in Springfield….we wish them all the success that committed veterans and Cooties have!!

Olin Parks, MO Grand Commander

Blessed with two slideshows – another is below that was made by Barbara Simpson and it has more photos added.

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