Tomb Trek 2014

Military Order of the Cooties and their Auxiliary met in Washington, D.C. on November 8 and 9 to celebrate the honor and integrity of our heroes buried at Arlington Cemetery. Representatives from all states were present to observe and participate in business sessions as well as hospitality time. Many thanks for each and every state that not only furnished a hospitality room but were friendly and inviting to all that came and spent time with them. Several specialty drinks were prepared and devoured during these periods. The actual trip to Arlington Cemetery was again a blessing to participate in and many were present to present wreaths to our Tomb of the Unknown guards. There is a specific protocol for this ceremony as you will note as you review the pictures. There were a number of changes in protocol due to new DOD regulations but the Cooties and their Auxiliary overcame each and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to render a very respectful and moving exhibition of their feelings for those that served our country so honorably. The weather was surprisingly nice for this time of year which made the activity even more enjoyable. There was a remembrance ceremony in the outside theatre prior to the formal presentation and placement of wreaths…..

Story submitted by Olin Parks and video made by Barbara Simpson

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