Jessie Jones


    To those that may be wondering, I will be a candidate for State Quartermaster at the convention. I feel strongly that re-combining the office of Adj/QM has been good for the Dept. It’s still my hope that someone living with-in commute distance will come forward this year or next and there could be an orderly transition. As you are aware I’m running for endorsement from the Big Ten Conference in 2018 for Jr. Vice C-I-C in 2019 and if successful will need to turn-over this office, but as with all elections, there’s no certainty of success. I will not be able to attend your District meetings, but if you know the record over the last 7 years, I think it speaks for itself. I’m proud of my record. During my time in office we have increased the net worth of the Department three (3) fold, expanded the Service officer program and purchased our Department office. I’m looking forward to your support.

Respectfully Submitted:

Jessie L. Jones

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