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  1. Patrick D. Brady says:

    On Friday 5 July 2013 three of your members performed a service for my Stepfather Carl E. Smith. It was perfect!
    I want to send a “Thank you” note or letter to each of them.
    Will you please email me there names and the address of the VFW there in Trenton and I will mail them to the VFW so you do not have to divulge their personal addresses, which I think would be inappropriate.
    Thank you,
    Pat Brady

    • I sent you an e-mail with the information you seek. If you havent received it please check you spam/junk folder.

  2. I have surfed over National and Department (MO) for information on the Wounded Warrior project to see if donations to them, fell under the Unmet Needs or Military Assistance Program. It’s kind of foggy at my end. Please advise. Thank you.

    • You can report it under veteran service in the online reporting but I am sure it would not meet the criteria for Unmet Needs or Military Assistance Program that are part of National’s NMS Program. To qualify for the NMS program a donation must be sent directly to the National HQ NMS.

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