Dept of Mo Voice of Democracy/Patriots Pen Awards

On 6 February 2016, at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City Missouri, the Department VFW hosted their Annual Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen Awards Ceremony.

Dept Group Shot

The Placement Announcement for the Patriots Pen Program was made and First Place was presented.

For Fourth Place (in District order);
District 1 VFW Post 858 and Auxiliary Samual Pauley
District 2 VFW Post 4238 and Auxiliary Shannon Kampeter
District 3 VFW Post 10906 and Auxiliary \Makaela Scott
District 8 VFW Post 2777 and Auxiliary Madison Kurzwell
District 9 VFW Post 5517 and Auxiliary James Chemin
District 12 VFW Post 3944 and Auxiliary Alayna Higdon
District 14 VFW Post 3404 and Auxiliary Lizzie Rottinghaus
District 15 VFW Post 10495 and Auxiliary Claire Hodler
District 17 VFW Post2508 and Auxiliary Malichi Wilte
District 18 VFW Post 6337 and Auxiliary Isaiah Buse

Third Place Patriots Pen is Awarded to
District 7 VFW Post 534 and Auxiliary Lilly Cornell

Second Place Patriots Pen is Awarded to
District 6 VFW Post 2610 Ester Woelfel

And First Place was Presented to

PP D05 1st Pl Tess Adair

Tess Adair
Sponsored By District 5
VFW Post 1829 and Auxiliary

The Voice of Democracy Awards were then conducted. Here are the pictures of the Entrants beginning with the 6th Place Winners by District Order, then moving up in place.

VOD D01 Naomi McManns

District 1 Sponsored by VFW Post 4557 and Auxiliary – Naomi McManns

VOD D03 Caleb Seymour

District 3 Sponsored by VFW Post 5606 and Auxiliary – Caleb Seymour

VOD D05 Paige James

District 5 Sponsored by VFW Post 8101and Auxiliary – Paige James

VOD D06 Neil Patel

District 6 Sponsored by VFW Post 2513 – Neil Patel

VOD D14 Jacqueline Hilt

District 14 Sponsored by VFW Post 3404 and Auxiliary – Jacqueline Hilt

VOD D15 Trenton Young

District 15 Sponsored by VFW Post 5368 and Auxiliary – Trenton Young

VOD D17 Sara Rutherford

District 17 Sponsored by VFW Post 4610 and Auxiliary – Sara Rutherford

VOD D18 Forrest Swisher

District 18 Sponsored by VFW Post 473 – Forrest Swisher

Fifth Place was presented to

VOD D09 Emily Brinkmann

District 9 Sponsored by VFW Post 2661 and Auxiliary – Emily Brinkmann

Fourth Place was Presented to

VOD D08 Jesse When

District 8 Sponsored by VFW Post 6947 – Jesse When

Third Place was presented to

VOD D07 Denton Diggens

District 7 Sponsored by VFW Post 2175 – Denton Diggens

Second Place was Presented to

VOD D02 Anna Lewis

District 2 Sponsored by VFW Post 2654 and Auxiliary – Anna Lewis

FIRST PLACE IS AWARDED TO, and Representing the State of Missouri at the National Lever;

VOD D12 Meghana Bharadwaj

District 12 Sponsored by Ballwin VFW Post 62774 and its Auxiliary – Meghana Bharadwaj

VOD D12 Meghana Bharadwaj 1st Pl

First place Award being Presented to Meghana Bharadwaj.
Jr Vice CiC Keith Harman, Dept Cdr Nancy Cowen, Meghana Bharadwaj, VOD Chair Jimmy Cook

VOD D12 Meghana Bharadwaj 1st Pl 2

First Place Awardee Meghana Bharadwaj (center) with (L to R) Betty and Mitch Mitchem -Post 6274, Dept Cdr Nancy Cowen, Mythili and Chandra Bharadwaj, District 12 President Yvonne Massey. District 12 Commander Ken Allison,

Photos and story submitted by Chris Weber, District 12 Adjutant.