Dept of Mo Surgeon Chris Bell Visits Cameron Veterans Home

    One of the responsibilities of the State Surgeon is to visit the various Missouri Veterans Commission Veterans Homes located throughout the state of Missouri.  Surgeon Bell is taking the position seriously and calling on the homes.  The photos below were taken during his visit at the Veterans Home located in Cameron, Mo.

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Renee King, Assistant Administrator and Surgeon Bell visit prior to making the rounds of the facility.

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Mrs King relating facts about the home to Surgeon Bell

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Surgeon Bell welcomes home a Vietnam Vet

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The Veteran Home Doctor having a few words with Surgeon Bell.

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Veterans Home Doctor talking with one of the patient residents while Surgeon Bell observes.

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Two old Navy vets swapping “Sea Stories” about Subic Bay.

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Surgeon Bell stops and takes the time to welcome home another Vietnam Vet as he leaves the facility.