Junior Girls Conference – March 2013

    Our Department Jr. Girls Conference was a big success. We had 8 out of our now 9 Units in attendance. 57 girls came to the conference. We have a new Jr. Girls Department President Shelby Scroggins from Unit 4142 in Neosho, Missouri. Shelby turns 16 in August and this is her last year in the Jr. Girls Unit.
The “Glam”ing It Up! Awards were a big hit with the Jr. Girls Units. The winners are as follows.
Best Cancer Aid and Research Project ~ Charles S. Edwards Unit 2590.
Most JUMP! Badges Earned ~ Cassville Memorial Unit 4205
Special Project most packages of Socks ~ Cassville Memorial Unit 4205
National Home for Children ~ Hinkel-Kleeschute-Westhoff Unit 5077
Most New Members ~ M. Waldo Hatler Unit 4142
Best Over All Unit ~ Cassville Memorial Unit 4205
The Dates for the Jr. Girls are as follows.
The Get Together will be August 2-3, 2013 in Monett. Don’t forget to send your permission slip to the Chairman by June 30th.

Karen Cypret, Department Chairman, opens the Jr Girl’s Conference

Awaiting the arrival of the officers

Danetta Wakefield, Department Sr Vice President, is on hand for the day

Department President Rebecca Strauss talks with the guard as she awaits to be escorted by the colors

Department President Rebecca Strauss being escorted into the meeting by the conductress and color bearers

The meeting has begun

Department Chairman, Karen Cypret, making sure that the President is reading the right page.

Deborah Gresham Griffin shares some words of wisdom to the Jr Girl’s

The candidates for President are introduced and members are allowed to ask questions before they vote

Shelia Allen, Gigi Gill, and Vicki Twedt sit in the back and observe the meeting

Gigi Gill, Deborah Gresham Griffin and Vicki Twedt count the votes

Part of wreaths made by the Jr Girls

Units 2590 and Unit 11242 have arrived at the National Cemetery

The girls and their leaders head for the monument at the Springfield National Cemetery. VFW Department Surgeon Nancy Cowan is among the group

Unit 2590 (from Carthage)

Unit 4142 (from Neosho)

Unit 4205 (from Cassville)

Unit 3770 (from Mountain Grove)

The crowd watches as the units present their wreaths at the monument. A monument honoring Vietnam Veterans was chosen for this. As it was stated by Department Chairman Karen, a large number of the girls are members because their grandfathers served in this war.

Wreaths at Memorial

Springfield National Cemetery

All the Junior Girls


Photos provided courtesy of Mary Thurman and Mitzi Campbell – Story provided courtesy of Dept of Mo Ladies Auxiliary President Rebecca Strauss.

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