VA eliminates net worth as health care eligibility factor

In a recent news release, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced it is changing eligibility for VA health care by eliminating net worth as a determining factor that will result in more Veterans having access to health care benefits.

According to the release, this change makes VA health care benefits more accessible to lower-income Veterans by only looking at a Veteran’s gross income and expenses from the previous year instead of combining income and assets to make a determination of eligibility.

“Everything that we do and every decision we make has to be focused on the Veterans we serve,” said VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald. “We are working every day to earn their trust. Changing the way we determine eligibility to make the process easier for Veterans is part of our promise to our Veterans.”

The change in eligibility means some non-service connected Veterans will have lower out of pocket costs. The VA estimates that 190,000 Veterans nationwide will be eligible for the lower costs over the next five years.

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