Victoria Jacobs-Moore

Victoria media     From the time that Victoria could understand what a Veteran was, she showed profound respect and admiration for the ones she knew and knew of.  Her frequent trips to Fort Riley and Big Red One Reunions with her folks provided the opportunity to interact with Veterans AND active duty soldiers.  She became an Auxiliary […]

Recruit – Recruit – Recruit

Bob Wonnell Comrades we only have two weeks to get 100% of our recruiting goal. We need less than 400 members state wide. If you have an annual member in a rest home or currently serving in a combat zone or just need a little help paying this years dues now is the time to pay for […]

VFW Action Corps Weekly, June 12, 2015

sailors flag media In This Issue: 1. SECDEF VSO/MSO Conference 2. Denver Construction Continues 3. House Hearing on Prescription Mismanagement 4. Hearing on VA’s Fiduciary Program 5. Defense Appropriations Bills 6. Four MIAs Identified   1. SECDEF VSO/MSO Conference: Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter hosted the VFW and other veterans and military service organizations at the Pentagon on […]

At VFW State Convention, Gov. Nixon signs bills helping veterans

nancy pic media Gov. Jay Nixon today signed into law three bills that will help provide funding for capital improvement projects around the state, including more than $33 million for repair and renovation projects at Missouri’s seven veterans’ homes. The Governor signed copies of House Bill 17, House Bill 18 and House Bill 19 as part of his address at the state convention of […]

VFW Action Corps Weekly, June 5, 2015

sailors flag media In This Issue: 1. New VFW Action Corps Manager 2. Pending Health Care Legislation Hearing 3. VFW Testifies before Economic Opportunity Committee 4. House Holds Hearing on Provider Payments 5. Important Bills Introduced This Week 6. VA Announces Initiative to Expand Burial Options for Urban Veterans 7. D-Day 71st Commemoration 8. National WWI Memorial Design […]

Dept of Mo Chaplain News

Deb H Media     Have you visited our “Chaplains Corner” lately???   Have you alerted your Post/District Chaplain of it’s existence???  Please take the time to spread the word about this website.  Chaplain Halter has worked hard on this site and it is full of much information for Chaplains.  The prayers for different events are all listed and easily […]

VFW Action Corps Weekly, May 29, 2015

Stroud c In This Issue: 1. VFW National Commander Meets VA Secretary 2. Denver Construction Continues 3. Almost 78,000 Service Members to Share $60 Million 4. VA Launches Summer of Service Campaign 5. Library of Congress Provides New Service 6. Two Korean War MIAs Identified   1. VFW National Commander Meets VA Secretary: VFW National Commander John […]