Call to Action – by James Rippy

Mo sign media Subject: Information concerning the Veterans Homes Bonds Two bonding bills are at a crucial point in the Missouri State legislature.  Action is needed quickly if we are going to be getting authority to build a new veterans home this session or the near future. SCR 8, would authorize the issuing of $14.5 Million in bonds […]

VFW Action Corps Weekly, May 1, 2015

Stroud c In This Issue: 1. VA Appropriations Passes with VFW Opposition 2. House Holds Hearing to Discuss Women Veterans’ Issues 3. Senate Committee Hearing on GAO and VAOIG Recommendations 4. House Armed Services Committee Advances NDAA 5. Navy Update 6. Take the Military Family Survey 7. V-E Day 70th Commemoration 8. End of WWII Commemoration 9. […]

President signs VFW federal charter into law

Bell e The president signed the Veterans of Foreign War’s new charter into law. The two requested changes, replacing men with veterans and widows with surviving spouses, was prompted by Resolution 301 passed at the VFW’s 115th National Convention in July, and supported by two companion bills introduced by Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) […]

VFW Action Corps Weekly, April 24, 2015

Stroud c In This Issue: 1. VA Expands Choice Program 2. House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Holds Hearing on Health Bills 3. Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Holds Hearing on Women Veterans 4. House Committee Holds Hearing on VA Mismanagement 5. New Bill Would Expand Caregiver Benefits 6. Purple Heart Benefits 7. V-E Day 70th Anniversary 8. Take the […]