Tom McLerran

Tom McLerran

Post 8828 – District 9

I am seeking the position of State QM. My vision is to continue to grow this position over the next several years. First, as a team player, I look forward to working closely with the office staff, line officers, accountant, servicing officers, districts, post, and financial advisors thru better communication and availability. Second, ensure that our staff have the equipment, training, and other tools necessary to be successful at their jobs. Third, have a close relationship with our accountant, to ensure our books are correct and up to date by using up to date software that will make the spreadsheets easier for the members to read and understand.

I have no intention of combining the QM position with that of the Adjutant. I am not looking to build my resume or run for line officer. I enjoy the financial side of the VFW and have been successful there. I will continue to be transparent and a man of integrity. I am a two-time All-State Post quartermaster, an All-American Post quartermaster, an All-State District quartermaster, and an All-American District quartermaster. I have received the National Aide de Camp award through my hard work and dedication to the job and organization.

I am a five-generation war veteran. Third generation VFW member:  grandfather Post 1894, Dist. 6 (MO), father Post 4588, Dist. 12 (LA), and myself. My wife and three oldest children are Auxiliary Life members. I feel that to grow the membership, we need to be creative in finding ways to reach not only the veterans, but encourage the families to get involved thru family oriented programs. We need to find ways to become attractive to the next generation of younger vets especially female vets. We need to close the back door and retain those that have joined the ranks.

Another key to both financial and membership growth is to ensure our Service Officers have all the tools they need to be successful. I would ensure that they stay up to date in their training, have up to date equipment, and are on a competitive pay scale for retention. These ladies and gentlemen are our first line officers to new members, proper benefit coverage, and retention.

I served five years in the US Navy as an Operations Specialists. To some of you that is the equivalent of a Radarman. An OS is like a quartermaster. Our job is to work behind the scenes making sure the Commander is kept up to date on the financial matters. We are always looking ahead for the next obstacle and make recommendations to avoid disaster or setbacks. I understand that there will not always be smooth sailing, but this will help plot the best course towards growth and prosperity.

Contact Info: 636-383-5160