How the Service Officer Program Works in MO. VFW

   The Post Service Officer completes the referral form at local Post. Be very careful to print the Veterans name, address and phone number clearly as this is the contact information that the Certified Service Officer needs to be able to read in order to properly contact your veteran. The referral form is then sent only to the Dept. Service Officers in St. Louis (FAX 314-231-2957); always include your Name, Post and District. They then call the Veteran to qualify the Veteran and prepare VA Forms needed to file a claim. We encourage the referring Veteran to follow up on the status of claim after 3-4 months. Was he contacted, donation to service officer program supported by VFW and does he need anything further?
   Never should anyone at Post level fill out V.A. forms. When the Certified Service Officer sends the correct forms to the Veteran we can, if requested, record what they tell us but do not ever determine which forms are needed and file a claim for a Veteran as we are not trained or qualified to act as a Certified Service Officer.
   Avoid asking financial information if possible. We are liable for every action we take beyond completing the referral and attaching a copy of the Veterans DD-214.
   Each month the Post Service Officer Reports to the District VSIO By the first day of the month all Events held by the Post. (60 day limit)
   Each month the Dist. VSIO Reports to the Department VSIO by the 10th day of the month.
   The Dept. VSIO reports on the 11th day of the month to the Dept. QM who credits each Post with the Events that have occurred during the month and then Post this information on the monthly District Performance Report.
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