St Louis Regional VA Center has Moved

There is a new address and new phone/fax numbers for the VFW Service Officers located at the VA St Louis Regional Center.

Here is the new information:

VFW Dept of Mo Service Officers

Dennis Flynn
Doug Jones
Shelley Bell

9700 Page Avenue Rm 1-027

St. Louis, Mo. 63132


fax 314-253-4162


Also  Steve Jones is now the VFW Service Officer at
St. Louis VA Medical Center

915 N. Grand Room A-339

St. Louis, Mo. 63106


fax 314-289-6482

4 thoughts on “St Louis Regional VA Center has Moved

  1. I have been the Service Officer at John Cochran and Jefferson Barracks for over 2 years. We are looking for a new Service Officer to replace me. I will be moving to the RO once we hire a replacement.

    Steve Jones

  2. William C Corley says:

    Dennis Flynn
    I got your name from Terry Cluck. You aided him in getting a service connected disability rating from the VA. I have had a hearing loss claim and appeal in the works for many years. Can you assist me in getting this claim moving forward. My VA claim number is Referenced To: 331/213/rsw or RML; and number C-26 288 159.
    Thank you.
    Phone number is: 314-942-9592

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