Kander, Roorda announce bipartisan “Startups for Soldiers Act”

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander today announced legislation aimed at helping servicemen and women become Missouri entrepreneurs.

House Bill 918, the Startups for Soldiers Act, would eliminate all fees associated with starting a business for members of the Missouri National Guard and active duty military returning home to Missouri.

“As a veteran, it is frustrating to see so many soldiers have trouble landing the jobs they’re seeking after they return from deployment. The skills we learn in the military translate to every field; it’s just difficult to make sure employers know that,” Kander said. “By making it a little easier for members of the military to start their own businesses, we can help make sure we are properly utilizing the talent they develop in the military when they come home.”

The bill is being sponsored by Rep. Jeff Roorda, D-Jefferson County, who filed the bill earlier this week. The bill is co-sponsored by Rep. Charlie Davis, R-Webb City, the Chairman of the Veterans Committee.

“Our men and women in uniform are some of the most well-trained workers we have,” Roorda said. “Small business owners with military experience are the most likely group to hire veterans. So by making it easier for those in the military to start their own businesses, my hope is that more Missouri veterans find employment that properly recognizes their skills.”

Source:  http://www.sos.mo.gov/news.asp?id=1177

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