National Buddy Poppy Display Contest

Judging will occur at Department Convention and winners from each category will be awarded plaques and depending on Buddy Poppy purchases for this year one winner in each category will advance to National for judging there. If Buddy Poppy purchases exceed 250,000 there will be two displays in each category advancing to Nationals.

The four categories are;

  1. Public Promotion of Buddy Poppy Campaign.
  2. Memorial or inspirational Displays.
  3. Artistic or Decorative Use of Poppies.
  4. Memorial or inspirational Displays (junior girls or sons of the VFW)

(At least one Poppy used in the display must be in its original form and color, with label attached.).


There will be a room set aside at convention to display all entries. Good Luck!


Jim Rippy, Dept. Buddy Poppy Chairman.

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