Veterans Rally in Jefferson City

The first thing I want to do is give a big “THANK YOU” to all who came to the Veterans Rally on 9 April.  We had a very good turnout and I know most of them also called on their Senator and Representative before or after the Rally.  There were several Bills and Resolutions approved last week.  You can review those at the beginning of this weeks report.  There is still a lot of work to be done during this session. 


On Thursday, the Senate Ways and Means Committee is slated to hear HJR 48, the Veterans Lottery Ticket bill.  Passage of this resolution by the Senate would put the issue on the ballot, probably in November, for the vote of the people to decide.  The lottery ticket, if approved, would generate up to $8 million for the Veterans Capital Improvement Trust Fund.  Also scheduled to be heard that day is a bill authorizing a tax check off to donate to the Missouri National Guard Foundation.


The Appropriations bills still need to be finalized by the Senate and we sure could use the $8 million dollars that the House added to the bill for the Missouri Veterans Commission. After all, that is the main reason we were in Jeff City last week for the rally.  Call your Senator now and let them know we were not just a one day show.


Rich Heigert

MAVO Legislative Chairman

You can find more story with videos and a slideshow on the District 12 website –


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